Practical Use of Essential oils for everyday living

taught by Penny Keay

Course description

Learning all the ways essential oils can be used in your life everyday can be daunting.

In this easy to follow series of lessons or course you will learn step by step and oil by oil how simple it is to use essential oils daily.

Safety is important and is stressed throughout so you can learn how to use essential oils with confidence.

Everyone that uses Essential oils often times wonders if they are using them ‘right’ or ‘how’ should they be used.

They are ‘lost’. You have heard that they are so good but no one really can give you an answer.

Well, I hope to make a difference in this for you.

Penny Keay
Penny Keay
Certified Aroma Therapist

I've always been 'naturally' health minded. Always seeking the safer ways to stay healthy, or if ill, the more common sense approach to most ailments.

After my husband decided to change a career and enter the world of aromatherapy, I soon became interested too. This was back in 1995.

This led to learning all we could and can about those powerful essential oils that Mother nature has given us.

After leaving the veterinary field, I pursued an aromatherapy certification by an 'research based' instructor from the U.K. After about a thousand hours of study and a five day written exam, I achieved the Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy certification in 2008.

Essential oils are strong extracts obtained from plants. And because they are so concentrated only tiny amounts are needed. Therefore, because of this requirement, we know it is easy to use more than is needed.

I cannot stress enough that I want you to use essential oils safely. So, to do that, I decided it was time to create a few courses to do just that. The course is an easy read. If you have questions, please e-mail.

Please learn, continue to learn, that in itself will keep you young.

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Have fun and enjoy the world of Aromatherapy!